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With sb0t 5 your passwords remain completely secret from everyone, including the host of the room! This means you can use the same password across multiple rooms without worrying about it being leaked.

Owner password

To login as the owner of the chatroom, you must either connect locally (, or login using the owner password...

Being owner gives you access to extra commands: #addautologin, #remautologin, #autologins, #listpasswords, #rempassword, #setlevel.

Auto logins

Auto logins work exactly as in previous versions of sb0t. The room owner can use #addautologin, #remautologin and #autologins to manage their automatic admin logins.

Note: Auto logins DO NOT require the admins to have a password.

Admin passwords

If an admin would like to use a password, the admin must follow these steps:

1. Register their password. For example, if they want their password to be test11, they would type:

#register test11

2. The owner can then set the admin level for that password using the #setlevel command. For example, if they want the admin's password to be level 2, they would type:

#setlevel "name here" 2

And that's it. sb0t will then remember the admin level associated with that password.

Managing passwords

Passwords are not just for admins. Anyone can register a password, which could be used for script or extension features, or to access "general" commands, if enabled.

The room owner can manage the passwords which have been registered by using the #listpasswords and #rempassword commands. These commands can be used to delete password accounts from your room. For example, here I have used #listpasswords to obtain a list of currently registered passwords in my room:

If I wish to delete oobe's password, I would type:

#rempassword 0

Because on the list, 0 is the identity number for oobe's password.

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