Imagens em conversa privada

Não tem nenhum controle das imagens que são enviadas pelo privado. Um usuário pode mandar fotos indecentes sem que o receptor possa evitar. Nem mesmo "/pmblock on" evita essas fotos. Seria bom que ...

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filefilters not working in sbot 5.27

Hi, I Have Noticed That File Filters Don't Seem To Be Working At All In My Sbot 5.27 Room. Have Added Filters & It Never Picks Up On Any Of The Files At All. Have Got Them For Porn & They Don't Do ...

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#idle command undoes idle status

The #idle command will immediately undo the idle status due to the fact the command is shown. How ever using the /idle command works as expected.

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Sb0t restyled

Sb0t restyled and added the Italian translation of most other commands.

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The command to enable avatar (picture) is not working. Some users complain that extensive message is cut in the front row for the side flap

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GUILabels.cs in Italian

Hello Oobe I translated the GUILabels.cs in Italian if you want to add it in the official version please contact me by email:

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Problem with Room Topic and User's List

Good Morning Friends. I had a problem with Topic and Avatar of the User's List. Well the problem is when i put the room topic the Avatar of the user's list disappear. came back to be like a user li...

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So, basically I was scripting.. the script I added to the include was basically going to be a Monster constructor class, for a kinda simple RPG type game.. and I added a monster in the subscript an...

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How to adapt the quiz sb0t 4 of the 5 sb0t?

First wanted to commend the work done upon sb0t 5, was very good, I was wondering how can I adjust the quiz sb0t 5, if you please teach me it takes a lot to my room Thanks!

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Problem with debugging

Hello I would like to figure out how to debug the application I downloaded the source files but I can not debug tells me that there is no project file can you help?

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